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Open Science for Planetary Health

Multi-site Application of Open Science in the Creation of Healthy Environments Involving Local Communities

This is a 4-year project, funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (Horizon Europe,2021-2027), which brings together 15 partners from 7 different countries. The project, which began in January 2024, is coordinated by the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (Institut de recherche pour le développement, IRD) in collaboration with French, Kenyan, Portuguese, Polish, Brazilian, Peruvian and Colombian partners.

What does Planetary Health mean?

According to the Planetary Health Alliance, Planetary Health is « a solutions-oriented, transdisciplinary field and social movement focused on analyzing and addressing the impacts of human disruptions to Earth’s natural systems on human health and all life on Earth ».

Emmanuel Roux, IRD, 2009

The Amerindian populations, here in Camopi on the banks of the Oiapoque river, which forms the border between French Guiana and Brazil, live in mostly open dwellings, more or less close to the river and the forest.

David Western, African Conservation Centre

African Conservation Centre field staff conducting vegetation monitoring in community conservation areas in southern Kenya. Community knowledge can be used to identify indicators of environmental changes, as well as adaptation and mitigation solutions in front of the negative impacts of environmental changes on the health and well-being of local populations.

What is Open Science?

MOSAIC Partners